Hunting Time! A Good Tactical Watch offers more than Accurate Time

An American Special Forces soldier and UPDF soldier make their way through the jungle on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in the Central African Republic, as they head back to the village of Pambayamba.
An American Special Forces soldier and UPDF soldier make their way through the jungle on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in the Central African Republic, as they head back to the village of Pambayamba.

Apart from the general gear, clothing, and a rifle you need before moving out to the hunting field, a professional hunter will also have to wear a tactical watch. Although every watch can be used to show time, tactical watches have more advanced benefits than ordinary watches you see on people’s arms. They are sophisticated devices with complex features that indicate details like altitude, temperature, as well as GPS location. Tactical watches are more preferred in hunting due to extreme time accuracy, and that is why they are used in military operations, hence “military watches”.

Military actions are more of clock-job, and the operatives require advanced gadgets to pursue their duties as planned. Similarly, hunting needs such watches to ensure accurate hunt-timing along the animal trails. A normal watch cannot survive in harsh terrains where hunters crawl in order to reach the other side. Following a deer is just like tracking an enemy to shoot down, and therefore the watch on the wrist must be sturdy enough to withstand impacts. This is why military watches are essential for this kind of exercise in order to provide accuracy and precise time without getting damaged.

A good hunting timepiece is not only about functions, but also built form. Military watches are designed wii impact-resistantant material, plus simple shape to appear as an ordinary watch. In addition to harsh condition resistant feature, they are also loaded with additional specs such as GPS tracking for easy location whenever a hunter is lost in the woods. Other included features are barometers and altimeters. Basically, these devices are all-inclusive to offer necessary support during hunting.

Typically, military and police officers were the major users of tactical watches. But today every outdoor man can use them during hiking and hunting among other activities. Survivalists and campers also use tactical watches. Even though there are many types of out there, hunting models should have specific features for them to offer the best of what you deserve. Therefore, this article will highlight those basic features a hunter must consider while choosing a tactical watch for hunting.

Choosing a Tactical Watch for Hunting

Light built-in Watch

There are self-illuminating and light built-in tactical watches in the market, but only the former is suitable for hunting especially at night. Self illuminating models are not suitable for hunting, since they can make your hunt to escape after seeing the light. Light built-in watches are operated by a button, meaning you will only turn on the light when needed. If you want to check the time, press the button and shield it by cupping with the other hand. Remember, there are wild animals in the woods and they can attack you unknowingly from behind upon seeing the light. We recommend you to look through all the models before choosing one.

Dull Watch

When you are going to the woods to hunt, you are not going on a date with those animals. In fact, you are an ‘enemy’ already. So, using a shiny watch can be tricky because the animals can spot you from a far distance and disappear. This may mean you will spend the entire night hunting nothing, eventual go home without downed any animal. In case you have a shiny tactical watch, just coat the straps with a dull glaze before you go for the next hunt. If the face of the watch is also shiny, place a cover on top. And in case you doubt my advice, just do some research now about military watches, and discover the truth behind it.

Band material

Military watches are specifically suitable when made of band material. Like I said earlier, you are not going for a date. Even though metallic watches are shiny and elegant, they are likely to fail you at the end. They can be spotted from a far by animals, and you will miss the hunt. In addition, they produce louder noise when hit by rocks or dry woods, hence scaring away the animal of target. Leather material is comfortable when wearing, but it is likely to absorb moisture especially when it starts raining. Above all, it begins to rot when wet and wears too fast. Therefore, band materials are always best when it comes to tactical watches for hunting because they don’t have all the above problems.

Water resistant

Water resistant watches are best if going to hunt during rainy seasons. In case there are rivers you want to cross while trailing your deer, these watches will never let you down. Most military watches are water resistant, even though some may not be suitable for diving. Interestingly, hunting has nothing to do with deep diving.


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